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Hippie Dress: For Love, Not For War

Music, boundless love, peaceful protest, spirituality, freedom from conventions are integral attributes of children of flowers. A style born in the 1960s, having gone through decades, has become one of the basic in fashion. But in the 2020s, to be a hippie, there is no need to sleep in a tent, walk barefoot and deny the principles of a civilized society. You can simply use all the brightest and most comfortable that spawned the immortal hippie style.

Using the key principles of the subculture, we offer 7 laws for creating an image in the hippie style.

Law 1. Flower Children

 Like true “flower children,” hippies love everything natural. Natural materials, a minimum of clothing, a maximum of bright colors. Wear loose airy dresses and sundresses that are perfect for the hippie style. Give preference to things with floral prints, batik, Indian patterns and other ethnic motifs. Following one of the trends of spring-summer 2020. tropical patterns in the style of the Sicilian jungle absolutely comply with the principles of hippie style. Hippies often use fresh flowers to decorate their hair, because flowers are one of the favorite symbols of the flow.

Law 2. Peaceful Protest

For the top of your hippie costume, choose loose shirts, tops, t-shirts, and tunics. Another option is summer micro tops, macramé vests, fringed leather vests, vintage T-shirts and loose light cardigans. Things embroidered with braid or beads are good.

 Hippies have a special relationship with t-shirts. Hippies wear plain cotton T-shirts, best not new ones, but "from old stocks." They should not have labels or logos of well-known companies: by their nature, hippies are anti-globalists who oppose large corporations. The presence of a typical subculture print on a T-shirt, for example, the pacific badge, similar to an inverted chicken leg, is welcome.

Also, leather or denim vests can be attributed to the hippie style. It is desirable that they, too, were not new. Scuffs, fluorescent colors on denim vests will be very handy.

Law 3. Simplicity

Law 3. Simplicity

One of the most characteristic details of a hippie wardrobe is flare jeans or trousers. A flare starts from the knee and covers almost the entire foot. As in all elements of hippie clothes, hand-made is highly encouraged here: sew additional wedges, apply scuffs, discolor or paint, embroider a floss or beads.

Law 4. Bright freedom from conventions

Law 4. Bright freedom from conventions

The colors in hippie clothes are the most vibrant, acidic. Because the history of the formation of the subculture is quite closely connected with narcotic substances of the psychedelic class (marijuana, lysergic acid diethylamide - LSD), often in clothes special color themes of a psychedelic nature are used. Concentric circles of all colors of the rainbow and irregular shapes, strange patterns, and fractals of poisonous shades - all this is a characteristic attribute of the hippie style. Brightness and color are often conveyed by the patchwork technique.

Law 5. Ethnic Summer

Perhaps this style can be called the most summer and positive of all. Elements of ethnic style are also appropriate for this image. They can be expressed both directly in articles of clothing (for example, a poncho), and in its design (patterns, drawings).

Law 6. Freedom

Simple slippers, bright sneakers, sandals, espadrilles or even barefoot walk on hippies' feet. 

Law 7. Tricks

The hippie style is extremely rich in simple but at the same time exclusive accessories. The most common of them - baubles, of all kinds of materials: beads, threads, leather, etc. These bracelets gave each other hippies as a sign of friendship, love, sympathy. There is even a special “language” of baubles, according to which the colors of these bracelets, their combinations and patterns carry a certain informative message. Most hippies, both male and female, wear long, loose hair. Sometimes they make fun curvy hairstyles for themselves. It is permissible to braid complex braids, dreadlocks, make tails. In addition to flowers, you can weave colored ribbons into your hair, make tows of hair, braiding strands with floss and beads. Such fine ponytails also give the image a little ethnic flavor: something similar did the North American Indians. On the head, style representatives do not wear hats, but small fabric bandages. Sometimes the role of a hippie dressing can be played by a thin braided lace. Hippies also wear pendants in the form of the aforementioned pacific or the yin-yang symbol, stripes with the same icons, stylized rings, and beads. Hippie jewelry is almost never expensive, mainly natural materials like wood or plant fruits.

Adherents of the hippie style today no longer fight with flowers and weapons and do not oppose political systems, they are more associated with easy and reckless romance. And everyone invests in his image of his "flower child".


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