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Office wear capsule: what items to invest in?

How to dress differently while not owning a huge wardrobe? This issue bothers us both in the everyday life and when we’re choosing clothes for the office. The solution to this problem is a capsule wardrobe — a set of items that can be paired in different ways to create new looks. A lot of women use this approach to save money on clothes while still looking stunning. In this article, we will take a look at the pieces of clothes you need to establish your versatile office capsule.

A skirt suit

This is an absolute must if you’re working in an office with the classic business dress code. A suit will serve you as a base for your outfits — simply by changing a shirt or a blouse, you will create different looks. Also, having a blazer on or off will let you tweak your outfit a bit. For example, you could replace it with a cardigan on a colder day.

And if you get pants that will be of the same or complementary color as your skirt suit, you’ll be able to pair a blazer with them. So a single suit offers you at least three options for different outfits.

A pants suit

You could get just trousers, but an extra blazer will be handy, too. Just like in the case with a skirt suit, a pants one offers different looks. It’s better to think through the colors when you’re choosing your suits — this way you will be able to mix them to create new outfits. Any suit is a very versatile item that will let you approach your office wear styles creatively.

A business dress

A neutral dress that suits your shapes is much more multifunctional than you might think. You can wear it as a standalone piece, or, if the design allows, put a blouse or a shirt underneath to create a more interesting look. Moreover, when you simply layer clothes over a dress, you change outfits. For example, a blazer or a cardigan over a dress creates a very trendy look. Also, you can put a sweater on — then a dress will serve you as a skirt. This trick is great for colder days.

At least four tops

You can go for shirts or blouses — whatever you like more. If the policy of the office allows, you can even get some basic t-shirts. Just make sure the quality is good because a low-quality top can bring down even the best suit. And opt for neutral colors so that the shirt fits suits and bottoms you already have. You need to have at least four options for tops to not feel like you’re wearing the same thing all the time.

A couple of toppers

These are cardigans or jardigans (a jacket-like cardigan that has more structure). Also, you can get an extra blazer if you want. These toppers will let you tweak your outfits when you want to go for a cozier and less official look. When choosing them, think of the colors of the suits you have — toppers should go well with a skirt or trousers from your set.

Two pairs of shoes

The best decision is to get one pair of heels and one pair of flats, loafers, or other shoes that have no heel. But it’s up to you what exactly to get. Just make sure the shoes are comfortable, and you will have no issue spending your whole workday wearing them. Therefore, opt for thicker lower heels rather than for stilettos — they are great for special occasions, not for everyday wear. Just like in the case with tops, go for neutral colors so that shoes fit any clothes from your office capsule.


These are jewelry, scarves, belts, glasses — anything that accessorizes your outfit. Using accessories you can add a personal touch to your look and diversify it. Go for classic minimalistic items that don’t draw too much attention. Accessories should be the frame for your outfit, not its main point of focus. Also, by choosing neutral pieces you will make sure you can wear them with all clothes from your capsule.

A nice bag

Even though you quite likely won’t be walking around the office with a bag, you still need a good one to compliment your outfits. Opt for classic basic shapes and colors and choose the size of the bag depending on your daily needs. While it’s not an absolute must to have, a good quality bag will lift your look and create a better image. 

Tips that will let you choose the best items

It’s tempting to go for fewer quality pieces to save up some money. But it’s better to buy fewer items but of better quality rather than lots of clothes that will make you look cheap and untidy. You can start by getting one suit, one pair of shoes, and a couple of shirts — this will be enough for starters. Build your capsule step-by-step if you can’t afford to buy all the needed items at once.

Also, check the requirement for the maintenance of clothes before buying them. Often, more expensive items need to be dry-cleaned — and that’s additional expenses for you. Opt for washable fabrics to not feel committed to your clothes.

Finally, figure out which shapes fit your curves and stick to the models that suit you. Then you will be able to order office suits and shirts online without any issues. This will save you a lot of time and money. And to spend even less on office clothes, wait for sales. For example, we often offer discounts for our suits and office wear. So keep your eye on the items you like — they might get

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